Getting you back on the road again

Not at fault?

When you are not at fault in an accident, you are entitled to a hire car for the duration of the repairs to your own at no cost to you*. Vision Cars can provide you with a hire vehicle with no outlay, the costs will be met by the at fault insurance company on your behalf. There are no hidden costs that you will be asked to pay. We will arrange for hire vehicle to be at your chosen repairer when your car is booked for repairs, or have it delivered to your home if your car was towed from the accident.

At fault, with a hire car option on your policy?

When you are at fault in an accident and have a hire car on your own policy the benefits of using Vision Cars are that you do not have to outlay your own money and wait to be reimbursed**. Also many hire car companies have a high insurance excess, whereas our insurance excess is a standard low figure. We also arrange to meet you at your repairer with the hire vehicle to save you a taxi fair! Most Insurers who arrange your hire vehicle will send you to the their designated hire company which you have to make your own arrangements to get to.

At fault, with no hire car on your policy?

When you are at fault in an accident and do not have a hire car on your own policy we can still provide you with very competitive rates as well as our convenient delivery service in most areas, ensuring you can carry on with your busy schedule uninterrupted.


*Hire cars at no cost must meet all necessary requirements on our application form.
**Conditions apply based on who you are insured with.

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